Happy Anniversary

It's been 10 years since I first registered on here. A long time. I remember looking for alternative sites as 20six and others died out. Eventually I settled here and have made some good friends and although mine isn't the oldest blog it is getting up there since I first started wittering on 26 before … Continue reading Happy Anniversary


This too shall pass

Phone call from the assessor who has been looking into Mum's behaviour has concluded in her report that a move to an EMI is the best way forward. (Elderly Mentally Infirm) We agree as her carers report antisocial behaviour, lack of self care and challenging behaviour. There is an EMI ward in the home where … Continue reading This too shall pass

Back again

Once again life has settled from the hectic days we've endured. My youngest just turned 11 which is hard for me to get my head round. She's a great kid and seems to endure all the nonsense that goes on around her. My eldest, 20 soon, is settled with a young man in her own … Continue reading Back again

Busy day

What a day! And it's only half past ten. It's Gill's late Mum's birthday. She was dear to us both but I always fear for Gill's mood on the day. As it happened she was ok and just changed her FB pic. Today is also a job interview for daughter no.2 and involved a long … Continue reading Busy day


I follow a wide range of folk on social media. It's what makes it useful and interesting I think. One of my recent favourites is Jack Monroe who is @bootstrapcook on Twitter. She is a whizz at finding very cheap ways to make very tasty meals. I don't know much about her other than that. … Continue reading Jack