A New Blog

Okay, welcome to the new blog.

My old one with almost the same name had to be locked for personal reasons.

This one will definitely carry on in the same vein for as long as I have stuff to post.

To the uninitiated, I have been blogging for over thirteen years, initially on 20six then on various platforms, some of which died and some of which were just boring.

I settled here a few years ago and built up a nice hit rate of 200 a month, making friends as I went along and letting people into the nonsense of our lives.

In summary, I am a 50+ Dad of 4, happily married to my Gill.

The kids range from 18 to 9 and Ashley, whose 11, is profoundly disabled. I’ll do a tab for him soon.

We live near Manchester in England and like it. Even the rainy days.

As for posting, I will rant and whine a bit but I really do treasure your input.

Not sure how I can drag my buddies over here but I hope they all make it.

Right, better get on with setting up.


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