Day 3

We continue in a positive vein.

Jo is taking her Nana to a garden party tomorrow.

This was inconceivable a short time ago.

Mum still loses track of things.

She’s phoned Gill a few times about shopping (which she doesn’t need), about her having her money card ( which she doesn’t).

I feel progress is being made on all fronts.

Gill bought a shed which arrived today.

It’s in a bzillion pieces so I’ll have a go on Sunday.

Heather is a bit adrift waiting for Uni to start in December.

Jo likewise is waiting for her GCSE results, but will be starting her NCS soon.

Ash has a new medication for his psoriasis and they’ve asked for photos of his patches.

Life goes on. Sometimes it’s hard but it does go on.

I need to lose weight again. I’ve put on about half what I lost. I know I can do it.

Time for bed.

Take care.


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