Day 4

Just be mindful people.

It’s funny, the older you get you more you see the same things coming back round.

As a kid and in my early teens everyone seemed to know about meditation and yoga.

It was seen as a little quirky: dippy hippies sitting cross legged humming to themselves.

As academia helped ramp up my stress levels I reluctantly got dragged along to a meditation and yoga class.

One of the exercises which really worked was tensing and relaxing every part of your body. It was a simple and effective awareness and relaxation activity which I still use today.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear my daughter describing the same exercise to me as part of a package being used at school.

People like packages, rather than using their own common sense.

The latest trendy pastime is Mindfulness. Originally hacked together by Jon Kabat in 1979 it is churned out in businesses and schools now as a quick fix to the stress of modern life.

There’s nothing new in what I’ve read.

Common sense dictates we all need a break.

Take some time away from what you do to switch off.

Smell the roses.

Watch a sunset.

Do a little yoga or tai chi.

Walk the dog in a wood.

One thing that won’t “fix” things is paying any amount of money to use a package which just rehashes common knowledge.

Most of all, change your mind set to see the importance of the real rather than the ephemeral. Don’t carry old baggage. Learn to forgive. Love yourself.

Tying yourself into a tight ball and then buying in to rehashed populist McTherapy is just a waste.


One thought on “Day 4

  1. I have tried meditating and yoga a few times and my ‘mind’ has other plans. I can’t mentally detach and let go. Maybe it will come with age? More age that is???


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