Entitled youth

It bothers me a little that many people seem to be developing a sense of entitlement.

Let me tell you why.

I donate blood and have done for decades.

In the UK this is done through the National Health Service Blood Transfusion Service. I’ve given for 30 years and just do it as part of my routine.

I can now book online and give every 12 weeks, health permitting and have given 68 times. I’m optimistic about getting to 100 when I’m 61.

In four weeks I’ll give for the 69th time. Yay me.

We are told that we may have to wait up to an hour after our booking time depending on footfall I suppose.

This doesn’t bother me. I take books or play with my phone or, Heaven forfend, talk to people.

However, today on blood.co.uk’s twitter feed, folk were whining about having to wait or not being able to donate because the place was crowded.

This strikes me as an unnecessary feeling of entitlement.

The sacrifice we make is small. When I first joined we rarely told anyone that we donated blood. Social media is pushing us forward more which I suppose is good because it raises awareness of the need and also of the tiny proportion of people who can donate and actually do.

I’ve receive various gewgaws over the years including coffee mats and badges, certificates and such. They don’t really matter. They’re nice but it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t get them.

I don’t expect applause as I enter the building or hearty cheers as my machine beeps to say I’m done.

I do expect, and always get, thank you’s from the staff (and tea and biscuits too)

I leave feeling good because I’ve helped someone, somewhere.

A few days after I donate I get a text to tell me where my donations are used.

The blood service will react to greater numbers by expanding the service but for the moment we should all show a little humility and common sense: book ahead and be prepared for a wait

And stop feeling so entitled.

If you wish to donate blood in the UK start by visiting https://www.blood.co.uk/



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