Another battle won

Why do people have to be so bloody arsey?

Mum went into a care home two weeks ago and we’ve cleared the house.

Well Gill has cleared it. Works like a Trojan she does.

So having got rid of twenty years of tat we obviously want to hand the house back.

I phoned her landlord, the main subcontractor for our local town council with this in mind.

Unfortunately I got a weasel who felt it good and right and professional to ignore the word dementia and alzheimers and who tried to enforce a standard set of regulations on me. Four weeks notice is standard and won’t start until next Monday. Blah blah blah.

I pointed out that I am not the tenant and so her rules didn’t really apply.

Ditto with Mum. She is no longer capable and rarely remembers what happened five minutes ago let alone has the wit to fill in a form.

She persevered. Though even after I said “you’re not listening to me’.

Gill overheard the call and said she had a mocking lilt to her voice too. Not nice.

Having given her my name and address to send me a form I hung up.

I then emailed the director of her company and cc’d the Chief Exec of my town council. (I don’t have him on speed dial but I’m sure he has an email filter called defcon1 applied to my messages)

Yesterday while working I received email from customers services, the housing director and firstly from the CE. All were hugely apologetic and promised action.

I’m a sceptic but there was indeed action.

The receptionist’s boss called and left a message and emailed the contents. Basically the call was substandard and action will be taken. The tenancy can be ended after just one week and she even gave me an email to apply for the overlap rent to be paid for Mum.

Sometimes things do turn out well – it’s just a shame you have to fight so hard for it.


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