Less of the same

Plan A was to leave off bringing Mum over for Sunday afternoon.

The disturbance she caused when she got back last time was too much to truck on a weekly basis.

However, after a reassuring call from the Home, we brought her over again.

She’s had a good week, talks everyone silly and was even singing in the living room.

There have been less overnight nonsense too.

As we prepared to bring her back she started to ask for her keys again.

Experience is a great teacher so we simply said “you don’t need your keys, you live at B House now”

This seemed to quieten her.

When we got back she started going on about not knowing the place but with less gusto.

She said she was scared and what would happen when we went home.

A carer stepped in at this point and took her into the dining room.

So we got a watered down version of last week.

If every visit is like that, we’ll cope.

It’s her birthday on Thursday and I always bring her daffodils. I’ve done it since I was a kid. St David’s Day.

I’m working but we’ll bob over in the morning.

My back’s still creaky in the morning but I’m otherwise well now.

The kids are back at school tomorrow and the calendar’s fairly clear.

The weatherman says it’s getting really cold at night this week as an Arctic system bobs down onto Britain.

Life goes on.


3 thoughts on “Less of the same

    1. It’s a lesson a long time in the learning. Life isn’t all about rosy moments and laughter joy. These things are balanced by the grinding, messy, painful events which make us appreciate the good stuff.

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  1. It is good that her new reality still has a place in your home and your routine. The confusion will be there but you know you are doing the right thing. It is never an easy path.

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