The Beast from the East?

The media in England have overreacted to a recent spell of snowy weather and cold.

This time, an arctic system has bobbed south and sucked cold air in from the continent.

They call it “The Beast from the East”.

You can hear me sighing, can’t you?

My youngest wondered briefly if school would be closed but as it’s 50 feet from our front door and the Principal was in at 7 for an inspection, we knew she’d have to go.

Other parents on social media were gnashing their teeth and wailing about getting into school but in the end only one place in the town closed and only then because they’re on a hill you’d only find in Lancashire.

Overreacting is something you do eventually grow out of.

Knee jerk reactions are for kids and fools.

Experience grants us serenity as things like The Beast from the East dwindle into a bit of snow.

I drove my daughter to college without any problems and I’ve just walked to the post office with a parcel and felt foolish for wearing my boots.

We should save our more extreme feelings for things which actually warrant it, don’t you think?

It’s all a matter of perspective, I suppose.


2 thoughts on “The Beast from the East?

  1. It is the first major storm Bee has been at in Britain. She is astounded that bread and milk has been selling out everywhere..! Today she was bag packing for a charity event and she was amazed how all people talked about was bread and milk. She mentioned that over here people would collapse with our amount of snow. But we have not had that for a while. Powers that be say no such thing as global warming but….

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  2. Scotland seemed to have got the worst of things – they always do. The media have stirred things up as large areas of the country didn’t suffer as much. Here it was bitterly cold and the snow stuck but stayed powdery so. Driving was okay once the roads were gritted.
    Our bread sold out but this was a combination of local shopkeepers bulk buying and one of our local motorways closing for a few days.
    As for global warming, I can remember worse snowy spells from my youth. Media hype again.


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