Birthday Girl

It was Mum’s 76th birthday on Wednesday.

We had meant to go over and see her but the weather has been hostile just lately.

The news has focussed mostly on Scotland and the East coast where the brunt of the cold weather hit.

We got off lightly but it was still foul here.

Temperatures dropped and a biting wind made it feel even colder.

The bin men have not caught up yet either.

However, this morning it’s raining and the sludge will clear soon.

So we’re going to get Mum shortly.

The cake looks nice and she has flowers to take back.

I’ve digitised more of her photos and have made her an album from the 50’s when she was courting.

The kids have done cards so she’ll go back with an armful later.

We think the more extreme behaviour has stopped for now with no reports of doors being kicked or midnight rants.

The right balance of drugs is hard to find but maybe they’ve got it right.

We have new neighbours – we live on a terrace of houses so every sound is shared.

They’re a young family and only as noisy as most of us are when moving in.

Time will tell if they’re good or not. The house is rented and the leases tend to be short.

My health is finally getting better.My back twinges but only as much as it always has done. My chest is clear too – Gill thinks it was an infection and it was hard to shake off.

Heather has glasses and loves her new look. Her hours at the bar have gone up but she’s not losing sight of her eventual career.

Ashley’s psoriasis is worse again. We think the bad weather plays a part. The drug that works raises his cholesterol and the one he’s on isn’t as effective. Poor kid.

Hope this finds you happy and well. I’ll try to catch up with your blogs soon.


One thought on “Birthday Girl

  1. After an hour she kicked off: demanding her bus pass (expired and unnecessary) and her cash cards (not required). Rant got so bade we took her back to the home. We’ll visit her at the home in future.


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