I’ve neglected this blog while dealing with various issues.

The largest of these has been Mum’s move to a dementia wing about a mile or so away from our house.

The last six months have seen her raging at the injustice of the move and demanding to be returned to her house – a move made somewhat impossible by it being refurbed and occupied by a new tenant.

They’ve medicated her and she is calmer now.

She has no recollection of arriving shortly after New Year and “learns” every day that there is a sitting room she can use and a sealed garden too. Her hair is done every week, not that she remembers.

She claims that she is never fed despite maintaining her ample figure.

Photo albums and other possessions are tucked away in drawers and rediscovered every day.

It is sad but all part of Alzheimers.

At home my eldest daughter is planning to move out. Her boyfriend and her have it all planned out and are viewing rentals. It is time as there is friction at home. She has recently dropped out of her course to rethink things.

My e£ay account is busy at the moment as I try to clear the mountain of valuables left behind after the house clearance. The plan is to establish an “estate” for Mum which can be used for her benefit or simply divided up after she passes.

It’s an odd pastime. I realised quickly that many of the things Dad thought were valuable were actually tat, especially stamps and first day covers. I’m keeping track of fees and income on a spreadsheet and learning the ropes of how to appeal to collectors.

There is a feeling of guilt about selling this collection. Guilt is salved though by knowing that a heap of stuff is a depressing thing and that the money this generates will ultimately do some good.

Oh one last thing. WP has notified me on several occasions recently that many more people are following me. I find this curious for two reasons. Firstly, my absence is hardly appealing to folk wanting a good read. Secondly, all of them are just email addresses, not WP pages and all are absent from my Followers list.

If you’re one of these people I’d love to know what drew you to this quiet little corner of the internet.


3 thoughts on “June

  1. Recently WordPress has been plagued by bots who claim to follow your blog, apparently expecting you to follow them back. I’ve seen jokes about Russian hackers and trolls, but I have no idea where these new “followers” are coming from. It does make me a bit more wary about leaving comments and “likes” at blogs with a large international following, since your Gravitar will lead people back to your own blog.

    I don’t think you should feel guilty about selling off your parents’ “treasures.” In the end, they’re just things that we ascribe value to. If they were sitting in a neglected pile in some garage or attic, it’s better to let them go. I used to think my children would want the things I saved from my grandmother’s and mother-in-law’s houses, but they’ve expressed no interest. I think their generation prefers to travel light, especially when it’s so hard to purchase a house here in the US. And maybe it’s best to take a lesson from them.

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  2. I read your update with anticipation as your silence in the blogworld worried me. I am sorry that you are having to still deal with so many changes – especially with your mum. Not just time consuming but emotionally draining. I am happy that you have found her a place in a dementia home however as she will now be safe. I was just watching a UK clip about a dementia ward where they had ‘installed’ a bus stop in the corridor as a lot of the residents still got confused about where they were and why they couldn’t go home – a ‘bus stop’ seemed to bring them comfort in a way – they could go there and still be safe. Sad but a way to connect still through the Alzheimers fog. In the library where I volunteer we have home visits and believe it or not, mechanical pets (cat and dog) that those in the ravages of alzheimers etc can hold and relax with. It is still a field which is infinite to those who want to help….
    I so feel for you with going through the belongings. I had that too – the valuables that I had always been told ‘were worth something’ felt a burden. I didn’t WANT the value as such but it felt wrong to just dump them. Having been told all through childhood that they were ‘special’ and ‘valuable’ I was amazed when I took them to a ‘coin and stamp expert’ and she basically called them ‘tat’ and ‘worth nothing.’ The sum she suggested also had the air of ‘I am really doing you a favor’ and so I brought them back here to America where they sit in a drawer – untouched and still without value….. and I am not sure where they will ‘go’ but it seemed wrong to have such an undeserving end. So I do feel for you.
    Good luck with going down to 3 kids. It will no doubt change the house dynamics. It did when our eldest made a move. But despite the distance, in some ways she is closer to us than ever (currently in Africa).
    Change is good, right? If we keep saying that…… Chin up. Onwards and upwards and all that.

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    1. Mum said something similar about me and big bro leaving – that she had better conversations when we went away to college. Thank you for the kind words. Are you still blogging. you dont appear on my reader now.


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