The joys

Todays post was to be about cats. Wil Wheaton, he of Stand By Me and Star Trek fame, posted a funny tweet about his cat. It sort of summed them up in a comical way.

However, events are rumbling on here at Casa Crazy.

Unfortunately, I can’t post about it as I have suspected for a long time that the main protagonist reads this blog.

Suffice it to say that it has once again caused upset and disruption with me walking out for some air, rather than allow the row to continue.

Age has taught me that some arguments, like the ones I’ve had in the past with my Mum, mid dementia, are pointless.

Giving up on them is tough though.

The overall health of my family is, as it always has been, my prime concern.

Ash is away on an adventure weekend in Cheshire. We get occasional text updates from his carers and it sounds like he’s having a blast.

Little Cerys is loving her Jujitsu and drama/dance (not at the same time)

Jo is deep in her studies and has an active social life.

Hev is looking for a house while housesitting for her fellas mum.

Gill is starting a heavy course of dental treatment and is being a brave little soldier all the while.

I’m still lacking direction but am preoccupied with ebaying my dad’s coin collection. I still want to start writing and have been looking at creative writing sites for clues on starting. I do understand though that the best way to start … is to start.

Sorry I can’t go into detail about what’s happened but, whatever this person thinks of me, I do respect their privacy.


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