Return of the Drivel

So,here we are again.

I started this blog on a different platform over 14 years ago. We were expecting Ashley at the time having got back together after a short split. The girls were starting school and we hated the house we lived in.

I hoped to use it to get things off my chest in a fairly anonymous place. That was all.

However, over the years it has has done so much more.

Friends have arrived in my life whose impartial views and reflections have been a real help at some of the grottiest times in my life.

One or two are no longer with us (notably Beachhutman, may he rest in peace) and some have drifted away from the ‘blogosphere’. Many have stayed though and to them I apologise for my latest absence.

Life is full and tippy tapping a post isn’t always possible.

This year has seen a few significant changes.

A daughter has moved out to live with a boyfriend. This chap was told by his Ex that she was expecting after they split. His son is now part of the family and visits every few weeks. Curiously, and only in this modern world, failed relationships have provided him with a plethora of grandparents. We are at the back of the queue after boyfriend’s mum and partner…. boyfriend’s dad and partner….Ex’s Mum and dad… and finally Ex’s new boyfriend’s mum n dad.

Same daughter has finished her year at a popular bar doing mostly late shifts and has got herself an 8-5 Mon-Fri job in a Nursery which she loves.

Other daughter has finished with academia and is entering the working world.

The younger ones are thriving and seem to get bigger every time we look at them.

I’ve just passed through the 55 barrier and am happy to see my decrepitude is nowhere near as bad as my peers.

Mum has settled into the Residential Home and is in a secure unit. We agreed to a Deprivation of Liberty Order to keep her safe and visit as often as we can. Her dementia is progressing but the balance of drugs and strategies they’ve put in place keep her happy and warm. Her claims of neglect are unfounded and formed by her appallingly short memory.

Gill’s anxiety is ongoing but she’s fully aware of it and is complying with the doctor taking meds and being open about her feelings.

So is life great? Well, no, but when is it ever? Mum’s decline is a definite and progressive thing, daughter’s boyfriend is a lazy ass who takes a big step backward when his visiting son needs changing or the housework needs doing, Ashley’s psoriasis is bad as are his teeth, my work is harder every year as I age and arthritis creeps up my back, and life continues to dish up shitty situations which we deal with as the drop on us.

But I’m still here and still blogging.

If you’ve got this far, please leave a comment and let me know I’m not alone on here.

Take care, Dave


2 thoughts on “Return of the Drivel

  1. Dave, it’s good to see you back on WordPress. I was a little concerned about you, but it sounds like life is…normal?

    One thing about getting older is that I’ve given up on hoping for a completely happy life. I’ll take one that’s moderately challenging, but never so dreadful that me or my loved ones are in peril. If I can get through the rest of this year with nothing worse than a toothache, I’ll be fine. (I hope Ashley’s teeth and psoriasis get better: those aren’t much fun to wake up to.)

    Your older daughter and BF—well, she’s an adult now, so not much one can do about her tastes in men. I know what it’s like when an adult child makes a less than awesome choice in mates, however. You keep hoping something will change, either in the partner or the relationship.

    Your mom sounds like she’s in as good a situation as is possible, given the circumstances. Hope you have time now to take it a little easy.


    1. Thanks HG. Acceptance is a tough pill to swallow but it a part of growing older. I’m here for daughter if she needs me – we actually chat via Snapchat more than we ever used to talk when she lived here.
      Actually forgot the catharsis of writing a blog post. 😃


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