Busy day

What a day! And it’s only half past ten.

It’s Gill’s late Mum’s birthday. She was dear to us both but I always fear for Gill’s mood on the day. As it happened she was ok and just changed her FB pic.

Today is also a job interview for daughter no.2 and involved a long bus ride and her getting up on time. Both she managed, by the way, and only pissed us all off a bit in the process.

Third on the list was the little one having her first period. What could have been a big event was actually done quietly and without fuss. Gill had to nip out for small small size pads but it was fine.

The kids are well informed by us and school so these things don’t come as a shock. Gill handles the practical side but they know that I know so don’t feel they have to hide anything.

We don’t make it a big issue so it isn’t one.

I think that’s it. Mind you it’s not even lunch time yet. We’ll see.

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