Back again

Once again life has settled from the hectic days we’ve endured.

My youngest just turned 11 which is hard for me to get my head round.

She’s a great kid and seems to endure all the nonsense that goes on around her.

My eldest, 20 soon, is settled with a young man in her own flat.

Every time we meet I feel so glad she’s turned out so well. He’s looking after her too.

No2 is looking for work and seems to be settling on au pair jobs. Really hope this works out for her.

Ash is enjoying special school but is suffering with his teeth. He’s had many removed and with his condition will probably lose them all. He’s a huge character though and will endure.

Gill’s struggling with her weight again and sleeps downstairs. I ache to make things right for her but know it’s a long haul.

I’m generally in good health, enduring work and balancing all that life throws at me.

Chuckles is my Step Grandson, courtesy of my eldest’s boyfriend. We get very occasional visits, he’s a delight.

Trust you’re all well and look forward to your comments.

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