Chicks, nests, da dee da

Last year my eldest moved out to live with her boyfriend about a mile away.

She’s coped well with “real” life and has a steady job. His son visits once a week and she cares for him and copes with his other parent.

This year my second daughter has chosen to become an Au Pair. She moved away yesterday to start work near London and we’re hoping things work out for her.

My fears are many.

First being so far away makes it harder for us to help: be it her missing a coach or just feeling homesick.

We also aren’t sure this is a future for her. Being an Au Pair is something students usually do to help fund their studies in foreign countries. There’s a limit too with 25 being the leaving age.

Maybe you morph into a nanny at that point….

I know part of parenting is the wrench of them leaving and don’t get me wrong, I’m elated that the house is clearing. However, you do worry.

I remember my Mum found it hard to let go. She had a key to my first house and I’d occasionally find gifts or food that she’d popped in with.

Ashley has severe disabilities and Cerys is only 11 so we’ll be stable for a while.

If she falls out with them we have to get her back here and cope with the fallout. She struggles to build her confidence up so any setbacks will be difficult to come back from..

Fingers crossed it all works well. Initial messages sound promising.

Gill’s gone into overdrive with the washing and has plans to rip out her room – we think the bed is broken.

Anyway, I’ll let you know.

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