This too shall pass

Phone call from the assessor who has been looking into Mum’s behaviour has concluded in her report that a move to an EMI is the best way forward. (Elderly Mentally Infirm) We agree as her carers report antisocial behaviour, lack of self care and challenging behaviour.

There is an EMI ward in the home where she will move to once the Social Worker has met with us to discuss the finer points. So the upheaval will be minimal.

They have tried changing her meds and although this has worked a little, her decline is still obvious.

We went to see her on Mothering Sunday and she was a joy. Jo, who is back home, was with us and found she had to repeat herself. Ashley was a hit with the carers and even got a cake out of them!

I’ve emailed my older brother and asked him to forward the info to my other (estranged) brother. However, he’s yet to reply to my last message so I won’t hold my breath on getting an answer from him.

Jo’s home from the Au Pair job. Things didn’t work out and she’s looking for another one closer to home. She’s off to an interview today about 50 miles away so fingers crossed.

Heather came to see us yesterday – it was her 20th birthday which made us feel old. We let Ashley choose her cake and he went for the Blue disney princess sugar icing monstrosity. That’s about as un-Heather as you can get. They’d been to her partner’s son’s Christening the previous day and said it was a long drawn out affair but his Ex did behave herself.

Modern families being what they are, the poor thing has ten Grandparents including us so will be well cared for. [his Mum and partner, his dad and partner, her Mum and Dad, her new partner’s Mum and Dad and us.]

Life is full and coping can be a survival skill at times. Priority Setting is important as is List Making and The Calendar (if it aint on, it aint happening). Me Time is taking a back seat as per usual but Us Time means nice meals at a local trattoria once a week.

This Too Shall Pass.

2 thoughts on “This too shall pass

  1. Take care of yourself as well, Dave. So many challenges! Though it sounds like you’re managing them all. Caregivers need time to themselves as well, however. Hope you’ve penciled in a vacation sometime this year.


    1. Bury archaeologists is run by a bloke I went to school with. Theyre llooking for scrapers. Might give him a bell ….


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