Where to start…

Last week we were dealing with Mum’s fall and her broken hip being replaced. Since then she has been rehabbed but her blood sugars are erratic.

On Friday they finally sorted this out and she went back to the Care Home.

This week my niece and her boyfriend were  working to figure out how she might keep her unborn baby. It wasn’t looking good. He has a long criminal record of battering partners and can’t see 3 of his kids. She has mental health problems.

She went into labour and was told not to leave the hospital.

As the baby was born by C-section the social workers went to court to apply for a safety order which they won. Yesterday the foster workers took him away.

This is very upsetting but also slightly confusing. Or more correctly the couple’s reaction is confusing. They are both posting on social media. They don’t seem miserable.

I don’t get it. Life is not normal. They have an hour a day access. I’d be climbing the wall.

My younger more techy daughter tells me this may be her way of not telling the world. Of carrying on as normal.

Maybe she’s right.

In that situation I would be very angry and I honestly wouldn’t give a stuff what people thought.

Maybe they’ll be different tomorrow. We’ll see.







2 thoughts on “Where to start…

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your mother, but at least she’s getting the care she needs. A friend’s mother recently fell and broke her hip while at home; my friend went through hell trying to figure out what to do once the hospital discharged her mother, especially since mom’s house was a mess and her own home was a split level with too many stairs. The hospital’s social worker finally had Mom placed in a rehabilitation center, which is just a euphemism for long term care home. Nobody’s happy about it, but at least Mom isn’t tripping over dishes of cat food while setting the kitchen on fire, trying to make breakfast.

    The niece…that’s a bad situation, no matter how they settle it. I hope in the end the baby is safe and cared for.


    1. HG – in the end thats all that matters to me. His history and her fragility are a scary combo for a new born.


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