Life as a journey

I like this analogy.

It bothers me a little that many feel life has a direction and a destination (other than the obvious one)

This clearly isn’t true.

It’s a nomadic existence more akin to a pinball’s path than anything.

However, it’s still a good analogy.

Paths merging and parting, life events and foul people that we leave behind,

It’s hard to know, when you’re in the depths of despair, or consumed by anger, that all things pass.

But they do.

And before you know it, you’re back on the path.

Our life events make for a busy journey.

Baby Jason visited yesterday. This lively chap is now on his feet and taking his first steps. He’s into everything and is constantly being pulled away from fragile ornaments and cats bottoms.

My eldest child, Heather, is thinking of her future with the house purchase as the first step. She can see herself continuing her studies but doesn’t think having children would be a good move for the moment.

Jodie is settling into her job and is benefiting from a stable friendship with a young chap. He’s gay which I think helps with the stability. The question of romance obviously doesn’t arise, he’s mobile, which is a plus too. She has also found other friends at work. All of this is a huge plus for her development.

Ashley is stable but must have the remainder of his teeth removed soon and an orchidopexy to retrieve an undescended testicle. General anaesthesia scares the willies out of us but he’ll be ok.

Cerys is ok. She’s a little too involved with Social media for my liking but only communicates with real local friends from her school. She’s inactive and her diet is appalling despite all of our guidance. She starts high school (11-16) soon so no doubt things will change.

Gill has over-involved herself with a niece who is going through a tough time. The niece has mental health issues, having been “sectioned” previously. She involves herself with men who beat her and the latest is a doozy. He has a long history of beating his partners in front of the kids, who he has no access to now. This, along with an extensive criminal history make him a far from ideal partner. She had a child by him which was immediately taken into care, so, in an effort to curry favour with the social workers and the courts, she has split with him. They argue on SM and yesterday he found her and attacked her. The police know so her social worker will too. She tells us her son will be returned after 10 weeks of her attending courses but I doubt it.

Mum is stable but dementia is slowly taking her from us. Visits are jolly and uneventful but she forgets them within a few minutes.

So, the journey is busy.

And interesting.


2 thoughts on “Life as a journey

    1. thanks LG. Sorry for the absence. Life stuff getting in the way of blogging about life stuff. You know how it is. Hope you and yours are well, Happy New Year.

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