Intermittent Fasting

Last week I tested positive for Covid and spent a day with flu-like symptoms and three days of Diarrhoea.

The positive I gleaned from this misery was that my overall health as I approach 60 is still pretty good.

It seemed sensible then to work to maintain this plus.

I have dabbled with Intermittent Fasting in the past but feel it would be good to commit now.

Basically it involves only eating within an 8 hour window every day. Water and tea are allowed but strictly no nibbles.

I work 4 days a week into the evening and eat my meal at 5-5:30 and so my breakfast should be at half 9. At the moment I have it at 7 with my son on school days.

The benefits are many. First it forces me to eat a bit less. Evenings are biscuit time and have contributed to my wok-belly.

The first week in April is Birthday Season and Easter is approaching so I could do with a Health Kickstart,

I watched one guy on Youtube who is a professed expert and he has eating down to one small meal a day. Now that seems a bit excessive, despite his reassurances of the health benefits.

The 18 hours is long enough to force your body to start to consume fats for energy (food only lasts 8 hours as a source) and a lot of the baddies in your body get mobilised with the fats.

I’m looking forward to it.

I measured my waist and found that ideally I should be 6 foot ten inches tall ….. I’m not.

Stay well and thank you to you regulars and, I suspect a few internet “bots”, who have pushed my views over 5000.


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