Dave: Dad, Hubby, the Blogger. 50, just, with various careers behind me and loving the family every day. Keeping it honest. Currently work in a supermarket but have been a teacher, a charity worker and a Service Manager for bakery machines. Advocate for my son and the way folks with disabilities are regarded by the world outside. Also working to get folk inside the Disability Bubble to be more understanding of people who aren’t.


Gill: The other half, Mum and the organised partner. Hates having her photo taken. My polar opposite in every way… which works for us. Fierce as a rottweiller when it comes to her own and recently made an orphan by cancer – losing both parents within 3 years.My rock, my love, heart of my heart.

Heather, (on the right) my eldest and a mini-mum to the little ones. Wants to go into teaching disabled children and works for every tiny thing she has. Started a degree course in October ’17.


Jodie, 16 and very arty. Too like me for comfort. Bright kid with a mob of friends. Quick wit (sometimes too quick).

Ashley, 12 has Septo optic dysplasia, coxa valga, nystagmus, epilepsy, developmental delay, eating challenges, doubly incontinent, hormone deficiencies and no doubt other stuff I can’t remember. Super good at IT and king cuddler.

Cerys, 10, clever, talented but runs like a cross between a broken kangaroo and a pregnant windmill.


Mum, who has alzheimers dementia. Lost Dad a few years ago after nursing him for 40 years. Now settled in a care home where we visit her most weeks.