Author: dderbydave

A good day

Today was a good day. Got the kids out to school. Walked an hour to Parent’s internment plot- someone has put some bedding plants in there and the rose tree is still alive. Stopped to pay respect to a funeral cortège. enjoy life while you’ve got it peeps.Walked an hour back fbchatting a little to … Continue reading A good day


Little Leesy

Her first memory was running down the street to the bomb shelter as the sirens whined in the East End of London. Her last, hopefully, was of holding my hand and hearing me sing My Old Man as she drifted peacefully away. Mum’s Dad was old. 54 when he started his third family and a … Continue reading Little Leesy

Back again

Hello again. I was curious to see what was going on here after such a long time. The app has changed significantly and curiously my site is picking up a half dozen views every day which is just bonkers. Here in the UK we are winding down from the last few years of madness. It’s … Continue reading Back again