Author: dderbydave

Back again

Once again life has settled from the hectic days we've endured. My youngest just turned 11 which is hard for me to get my head round. She's a great kid and seems to endure all the nonsense that goes on around her. My eldest, 20 soon, is settled with a young man in her own … Continue reading Back again

Busy day

What a day! And it's only half past ten. It's Gill's late Mum's birthday. She was dear to us both but I always fear for Gill's mood on the day. As it happened she was ok and just changed her FB pic. Today is also a job interview for daughter no.2 and involved a long … Continue reading Busy day


I follow a wide range of folk on social media. It's what makes it useful and interesting I think. One of my recent favourites is Jack Monroe who is @bootstrapcook on Twitter. She is a whizz at finding very cheap ways to make very tasty meals. I don't know much about her other than that. … Continue reading Jack

The joys

Todays post was to be about cats. Wil Wheaton, he of Stand By Me and Star Trek fame, posted a funny tweet about his cat. It sort of summed them up in a comical way. However, events are rumbling on here at Casa Crazy. Unfortunately, I can't post about it as I have suspected for … Continue reading The joys