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I follow a wide range of folk on social media. It's what makes it useful and interesting I think. One of my recent favourites is Jack Monroe who is @bootstrapcook on Twitter. She is a whizz at finding very cheap ways to make very tasty meals. I don't know much about her other than that. … Continue reading Jack


How are you, Dave?

Some things are hard to put into words. As a kid and even as a younger person we all know sadness. When things go wrong, when people die or friendships are lost that gut feeling of unhappiness, of weakness and despair is an all too familiar one. We learn to get over it. As you … Continue reading How are you, Dave?

The joys

Todays post was to be about cats. Wil Wheaton, he of Stand By Me and Star Trek fame, posted a funny tweet about his cat. It sort of summed them up in a comical way. However, events are rumbling on here at Casa Crazy. Unfortunately, I can't post about it as I have suspected for … Continue reading The joys


I've neglected this blog while dealing with various issues. The largest of these has been Mum's move to a dementia wing about a mile or so away from our house. The last six months have seen her raging at the injustice of the move and demanding to be returned to her house - a move … Continue reading June