A long goodbye

It's Sunday so I went to get Mum from the care home. We've missed a couple to allow her to settle. She was ready to go but fast asleep with her fellow residents. I woke her gently and am sure the look on her face was not for me: just a distance in her eyes. … Continue reading A long goodbye


Another battle won

Why do people have to be so bloody arsey? Mum went into a care home two weeks ago and we've cleared the house. Well Gill has cleared it. Works like a Trojan she does. So having got rid of twenty years of tat we obviously want to hand the house back. I phoned her landlord, … Continue reading Another battle won

The deed is done

It's strange. The build up to Mum's "internment" has been more dramatic than the actual event. To recall, she fell in December, banging her head and revealing to the doctors that her heart and diabetes are both in need of attention. Increasing a medication sorts her arrhythmia out (I think it's a beta blocker). Her … Continue reading The deed is done