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Still Here

I’m aware that I’m neglecting this blog but a guy has to prioritise.

Life updates are coming thick and fast.

Heather is dating but I’ve yet to meet the lucky fella. She has late shifts at a bar in town and her steady day job on a toffee stall in town. Her degree starts in October so “something’s gotta give”.

Jo has started at a local college (16-18) and is settling. She has a bunch of new friends and a part time waitressing job at a golf club.

Gill and I are refurbishing the house while the sun is shining financially. It needed it. It’s surprising how things you use every day get tatty.

Ashley’s psoriasis is flaring again but he’s not fussed. His second year of High School (11-15) is going really well as he joins lunchtime clubs, sings in a choir and continues to charm.

Cerys is doing well at Primary School and has a teacher who uses twitter to send pics of the kids working. They have a link to Tim Peake too. The.school finally feels like they’re turning a corner (now the governors, principal and most of the teachers have been cleared out)

Work is harder as the firm, like all others, trims hours, positions and asks for more from all colleagues. Looking forward (a long way forward btw) to retirement. The world is changing, as it always does, and most of my life has been in a more understanding, simpler place.

Folk seem brash and self absorbed and (damn them) ever younger. Conversation which isn’t disturbed by a smart phone is becoming rarer now.

Our wifi router is a bit dodgy and the furore in the house is unbelievable. Thank goodness for mobile data. I just read a book.


I love the way he talks and hear him as I read. I watched The Lady in the Van and several of his Talking Heads and got hooked.

Reading is therapy for me. Unfortunately, the house is noisy, especially with Ashley’s bluetooth speaker disco habits.

He’s 12 now, by the way and huge. Scary to think I’ve blogged longer than he’s been around.

Over 13 years of this witter.

Must be more diligent though.

Trust you’re well. All comments welcome.


Logistics Spaghetti

Large families come with a non-edible spaghetti-like organisation.

Last year we maintained 4 school diaries, Ashley’s medical appointments, Cerys’ medical appointments, Mum’s normal medical and dementia appointments, Mum’s home organisation and care team and Gill’s anxiety appointments.

The older girl’s are both at college (16+ and 18+) this year so more of their organisation is up to them. We still seem to be booking dentals and opticians though.

Fortunately for us, family is an organic process and will, with time, become less tangled.

I use a google calendar, there’s a whiteboard in the kitchen, letters on the fridge and as an indispensable last resort, Gill’s fantastic memory.

The girls contribute to the pen board – “if it ain’t on, we don’t know” is our maxim.

Add to this the normal day-to-day which includes repair and maintenance men for Ashley’s equipment and for the household machines, constant Amazon deliveries, school trip and uniform payments (all electronic now), food deliveries (I’m not going shopping!) and Lord knows what else.

As a list it’s long and scary but in reality it works.