Numbers have always been dear to me.

They provide structure and predictability in a chaotic world.

At work, they tell me that my department is pretty damned good – ahead on sales, excellent process and comparable to the bigger stores with a plethora of colleagues.

At home they tell me that my budget is balanced and courtesy of an excel sheet and my staying in employment that I can retire comfortably in ten years.

On here though they can be a bit scary.

The reasoning behind this is as follows:-

– I have largely neglected this site recently due to living life rather than writing about it;

– I have never yearned for nor actively sought readership – it’s my blog and I post when and if I please and likewise what I please.

– yesterday I had sixty plus hits from one person systematically reading though posts and not leaving one comment. The reader was from the UK btw which cuts out a few of you.

So, I would ask that if you read anything on here, leave a cursory comment. It makes things a little more human and much less creepy.

That said, a quick catch up.

Heather, the eldest has bought her house (at 20, proud Papa) with her fiancé. Both are holding down steady jobs, have cleared the house of moving clutter and, barring one rodent which they’ve sorted out, are doing well.

Jo is working hard at her apprenticeship and hoping for a permanent position. She flits about the country on days out with her pal and seems to be enjoying her social life.

Ashley is still waiting for a heavy duty dental op but stays in good health and continues to impress us with his zest for life. At 14 we’re starting to consider activities outside school for him and pondering on his future.

Cerys went out to a musical last night and academically is doing so well. She has a bunch of friends and is becoming a geek (for me that’s a compliment) – Harry Potter and Marvel.

Gill, the Boss, is ok. Her knees are always sore and she seems to have a sleep problem which she’s pursuing with the hospital (more when I know more).

My knees are sore, I think one’s swollen – wear and tear. Otherwise I’m a healthy 50-summat. I’m up to 79 blood donations now which is a matter of pride for me. I worry about Mum who fades a little more each time we see her. She still knows who we are but for how long, I don’t know.

I worry for the world where bigotry and self are dominating. When world leaders are welcomed despite their track record of mysogony, racism and where children are constantly pushed to focus on image over substance.

Be kind to each other and to your world. Hug someone and go plant a garden. Put your phone down and go for a walk without it. Have a real conversation with a friend and look them in the eye as they speak. Care.



One thought on “Numbers

  1. Lately my blog has been getting some strange followers, many of whom don’t write in English. I can use Google Translate to decipher most of them, but I wonder what interest they’d have in my personal posts. Quite a few of them are from India, though with a son-in-law from a large Indian family, I’m not too surprised by this.

    Also, yeah, the creepy repetitive hits. I wonder if it’s a bot. I asked the WordPress help forum about this, and the one person who responded said to make my blog private/password-read only: but honestly, where’s the fun of that? I’m not just writing for my cat and a handful of family members.

    Your family appears to be thriving in spite of the challenges you’ve had recently. I hope things continue to get better for you and yours.


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