Happy Anniversary

It’s been 10 years since I first registered on here.

A long time.

I remember looking for alternative sites as 20six and others died out.

Eventually I settled here and have made some good friends and although mine isn’t the oldest blog it is getting up there since I first started wittering on 26 before my son was born (he’s 13 now).

Over the years I’ve asked you a few times why we blog. For me it was a release and a way to get things straight in my head. The fairly anonymous feedback proved invaluable. Beachhutman was like a mentor to me until his untimely death – his name has been taken over by others now but the original had us in hysterics talking about his Mum and work and life – he was a fair artist too.

Nowadays I struggle to get on here. Life is a s876storm with 2xAnxiety, a dementia, complex Special Needs, psoriasis&excema, in the family and a niece who has mental health problems.

I still enjoy reading your posts but just struggle to sit and type without something hideous interrupting me.

The latest addition to our lives is a step-Grandson called JJ. He really is a joy and I’ll struggle to get a pic on here soon.

My eldest is 20 now (that makes me feel old) and is living in her own flat and working 40 hours a week in a Nursery. The other kids are still at home and growing (too much) and making me proud.

Mum’s dementia means she’s properly medicated on a secure wing in a local Nursing Home. It’s disheartening to visit but we do go and listen to the loop for as long as we can take it.

Me and the Boss are still good. We work well as a team and have been together for 23 years now, 21 of it married. Love the bones of her.

So if you’re still out there drop a comment below.

Have a good day.


One thought on “Happy Anniversary

  1. I missed this, somehow. Happy Blogoversary, Dave. I think children are more accurate than calendars at marking off the time we’ve spent here. My son was in middle school when I started blogging: this year he turns 30, which really makes me feel old. I was 33 when he was born, and I frankly wasn’t sure I’d make it past 60: yet here I am. Here’s wishing you many happy returns.


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